Coming Soon: Jonah

I’ve recently started drawing again, which means there will be a new comic soon.  I’m excited. I hope you are too.  Before the comic is finished, I’m curious: What do you know about Jonah? 

No. 11: Eggshells

Walking on eggshells.  We’ve all done it, whether we know it or not.  You know that time you ticked your mom off, and then you tried to lay low so she didn’t get more mad at you?  That’s walking on eggshells. It’s an idiom. An idiom is a phrase that can’t be translated because the … More No. 11: Eggshells

No. 9: Furry Friends

Another character archetype for you: the friendly beast. These are animals who help the hero along on his quest. The also demonstrate that Nature (capital N) has the hero’s back. I wanted to include Donkey from Shrek saying, “I’m making waffles,” but my Donkey looked like… well, let’s just say it was awful and leave it … More No. 9: Furry Friends

No. 8: Frenemies

Here’s another character archetype for you: the friend that becomes an enemy (or the enemy who becomes a friend). This one is pretty straightforward. At some point, someone the hero thought they knew betrays them. OR, at some point, someone the hero thought they knew actually helps the hero out. Rather than give you a … More No. 8: Frenemies